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I will start making “Randonneur” bags in few weeks…

2 are already in the pipe of commands so if you want one it’s the perfect time, Perfect time for you and perfect time for me because a mini “Bulk” production will be easier for me and cheaper for you.

This is an example of a Randonneur bag.

Those bags will have :

–  One large 3D pocket on the front

–  2 small 3D pockets on the back

–  2 flat pockets on the sides

– Clear Vinyl Window one the top

– 1 Rigid bottom to be used with a front rack.

– A floating  waterproof layer inside

You will have the freedom to :

– Choose the size of the bag

– Choose the colors ( pockets, flaps, body… )

– Provide a “Decaleur” to fix the bag to the handlebar;  ( if not the bag will be made with straps and stabilization cords on the sides )

The final price will depend on what you want and what you choose and we’ll discuss about everything if you are interested.


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This is Tony’s backpack. It’s not really new I made it few months ago, but it was missing here.


For me this backpack is important for two reasons.

  • First is mainly grey and for me it was the end of a long “orange” and “red” period… When your are sewing sometime is boring to always work with the same colors and for me this bag was like a salvation.
  • Second reason the owner of this bag is a real member of the bike world here in Montreal . Bike rider, frame builder, he knows a lot about bikes and also about bags. I sure than before this one he has used a lot of other bags from several origins. to have this person interested in my work was rewarding.

More pictures here

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Custom messenger bag

This is a custom messenger bag made for one guy who used a bag every day but was not very satisfied with regular products. So he came to me with few concerns. A list of specifications that he wanted but also  list of points to avoid.

He wanted :

  • Being able to close his bag event when the bag contains something huge
  • External pockets to isolate stuff like phone, tool, money…
  • A lock holster ( accessible without opening the bag )
  • An integrated, but removable laptop sleeve

He didn’t wanted :

  • Plastic or metal buckles on the shoulder or on the ribs.
  • A not really waterproof  bag with holes at the angles when the bag is closed.

So with those points it was quite easy to offer him the right solution. Talking with somebody who know what he needs or wants is so cool…. Choosing the colors was a bit more complicated…


More picture here

Construction :

  • outer : 1000 Denier Cordura™
  • liner : 600 Denier coated polyester
  • third internal liner : 70 Denier polyurethane coated Ripstop

Features :

  • two lined outside 3D pockets with velcro closure
  • outside lock holster
  • 3 inside flat pockets with pen slots
  • adjustable padded 3 points sternum strap
  • removable back padding
  • large flap with velcro and buckle closures
  • blinky loop on the bottom of the bag
  • 2 compression straps
  • 2 adjustable suspension straps to adapt the shape of the bag to its content
  • 2 extra straps to close the bag when it`s no really “closable”

Dimensions :

Dimensions :  11″H X 13″W X 10″D

Capacity       :   35 L

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Waterproof, resitant, big, confortable…

After a busy week-en the backpacks are done, and I must admit that I’m quite proud of them.

The red one was a special order with some changes, the others are the standard version.

Special thanks to Lina who acted as model for this serie of bags.




More pictures Here

Construction :

  • outer : 1000 Denier Cordura™
  • liner : 600 Denier coated polyester
  • third internal liner : 70 Denier polyurethane coated Ripstop

Features :

  • one large lined outside 3D pocket  flap and velcro closure
  • inside pocket with pen slots inside the 3D pocket
  • 3M™ reflective tape on the 3Dpocket
  • removable back padding
  • one large inside flat pocket
  • two adjustable shoulder straps
  • adjustable sternum strap
  • large flap with velcro and buckle closures
  • blinky loop on the bottom of the bag and the main flap
  • 4 compression straps

Dimensions :

Dimensions :  16″H X 13″W X 8″D

Capacity       :   27 L

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This bag will be delivered this week, and I will wait the customer to take other pictures and then I will complete this post or write a new one…

I will just give you some details as preview :

Vincent's messenger

Integrated lock holster :

You can access your lock without opening the bag. Once in the holster the lock is secured with a strap closed by a buckle…

Lock holster

Additional straps :

You all know this story,  you must carry a big box or something bigger than your bag and then you cannot close your bag. So because of the bag is not closed what you have inside moves and your ride is not so confortable.

Two additional straps are available to allow you to carry huge boxes while being able to “close” your bag.
When those straps are useless they are secured on two buckles, and are almost not visible.

Additional strap

The dimensions and detailled specifications will be available in a future post.

More picture here

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Busy day yesterday…

Three backpacks are coming by the end of next week.

Okay they are not finished yet but since few time I wanted to post more about the process. Because the quality of the final result depends on it….  I will post additional info when the will be completed!

En cours

Same specifications as usual. ( Specifications are here ).

En cours

The “Red” one is a special order ( one additional flat pocket inside, and an “exta” floating bag to carry shoes ).

The tow others can be reserved now ( see about page to contact me ), if not they will normally be available at Belleville…

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When customers are doing  advertising for free to promote products that have their names.

Jesse:  Bike messenger, Alleycat racer and now Polo player in Montreal


More pictures here or here

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