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Large waterproof Backpack, Same construction and specifications than usual, same size: 27 L,  but this time in black, with just a little band of yellow. This bag is lined with red coated polyester.



More pictures here

This bag is the first one that I put at Bikurious. Last week I was there to buy some tires to play Polo and Marissa asked me to bring some bags to put on her shop and I gave her some pouches and this backpack.

pouchesFor sale at Bikurious ( 45$ )


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Reading it, this title might sound strange, but in fact it logic that those two animals have met. The Bird from “Cycle bird” is a messenger company based in Montreal using only bikes for delivery and the Jabali is a guy doing bags for bike riders…

Cam, the Cycle Bird funder,  was yesterday at home for something to repair on his trailer and he saw a bag he took for one of his employees.


For me it means real use for a real test…. I will give you some updates based on this !

More picture here, and customer’s comment here

Construction :

  • outer : 1000 Denier Cordura™
  • liner : 600 Denier coated polyester

Features :

  • two lined outside 3D pockets with velcro closure
  • 5 inside flat pockets with pen slots
  • adjustable padded 3 points sternum strap
  • removable back padding
  • large flap with velcro and buckle closures
  • blinky loop on the bottom of the bag
  • 2 compression straps
  • 2 adjustable suspension strap to adapt the shape of the bag to its content
  • rounded corners to close well and the junction between the flap and the body of the bag.

Dimensions :

Capacity       :   35 L

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Simple Yoga Mat Bag, a classic one; waterproof with just one big 3D pocket as extra…


More pictures here

Construction :

  • outer : 1000 Denier Cordura™ (black parts ) and Ultrex® 2-Ply ( wine part )
  • liner : 600 Denier coated polyester

Features :

  • one large outside 3D pocket  with YKK ™ zipper
  • adjustable padded straps
  • roll top with buckle closures

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Some people told me that is was hard to imagine the difference between the two sizes ( Large 27 L and Small 17 L ).

I hope this will help you to figure it …

sizesMore pictures here

The orange one is my personal every day’s bag; it’s the first prototype I made, long time ago; still in good shape !

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One day Minor told me “I want a backpack for my girlfriend, but this bag has to be smaller, but really smaller than the ones you are sewing now!!! ”

I understood what “really smaller” was when I saw Sarah’s fixed gear bike. Just imagine a little tiny frame designed for kids with 26 inches weels and you will have a good idea. This situation was a good opportunity for me to introduce one new standard small size .  It took me more time to make this bag because at the same time I was doing patterns. In addition I had to change a little bit  some steps of the  process, because with this smaller bag it was difficult to sew some parts to have a  good result as  I can do with the big ones.

So after those efforts I’m proud to introduce you to the new “Small” backpack :


Dimensions : 15″H X 11″W X 6″D
Capacity : 17 L

More picture here

Detailed features and used materials here

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