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Few weeks ago I started talking about “randonneur” bags and now I’m pleased to announce that they are done and delivered.

The first round of randonneurs went well… After a prototype phase I was quite confident about the final result but some doubts were persistent until the final completion. But now doubtless I know that I will make others!


Specifications :

–  One large 3D pocket on the front

–  2 small 3D pockets on the back

–  2 outside flat pockets on the sides

– 2 inside flat pockets

– Clear Vinyl Window one the top

– 1 Pocket under the bag  to insert a rigid  bottom to be used with a front rack.

– Stabilization straps under the bag to secure it on a front rack

– A floating  waterproof layer inside

– 2 1″ D-Ring to attach the bag to the handlebar or to use an optional shoulder strap.


Dimensions :

Dimensions :  8″H X 10″W X 6″D

Capacity       :   7.2 L


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A large backpack made for Nick, with his choice of colors ( just to insist on the fact that I’m not a maniac of orange ) and an additional inside pocket to separate the lock from the bag’s content…

nick backpack

This new bag confirm that the backpack in its large version is the most popular bag in my current offer.

Same construction and specifications than usual, same size, same capacity : 27 L.

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