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This year Jabali Bag was a sponsor for two bike races here in Montreal… I mainly gave pouches for the “Ice “muddy” race” and “La Madame Alleycat”; so now you can see those pouches in the streets of Montreal.

In addition since the pouches are available in “Belleville cycle coop” and “Bikurious”  some bike messengers work with my products so you can see more on a daily basis.

But because the current owners  are great alleycat performers or fast riders you won’t have the opportunity to really see what they use so I cannot resist to give you, at least one time, the chance to see one used with this picture…



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Cameron, a friend of mine, is running his own bike messenger company; he was looking for more visibility for the company’s activity and he has found on his bag a really big empty space perfect to put some advertising.

The original bag is the well known WARSAW professional messenger pack from Chrome.


With just the addition of a clear windows pocket on the flap the Cycle-Bird has now a new dimension.

Here is the bag in action !

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