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It’s not a surprise for all of you but I will stop making bags here in Montreal for few months. I will spend more time doing more things for me… I don’t want to continue what I’m currently doing  following the current way to do it and I need time to think about that and try new things.

Don’t be sad, I will still stay linked and involved in the Montreal bike scene…


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Messenger bags in process….









More pics here

Details will be publish later….

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As you can figure regarding the ratio of the publications on this blog the no name “backpack” is the success of Jabali Bags… I definitively think that I must find a kind of real name for this bag…

So this is just another one; Stephan’s one!

I the past I have made a small one using the same colors and it’s seems to be very popular. The next time I will order Cordura I will consider to buy more of this beautiful “wine” fabric…


On the news side I’m currently working on 4 big messenger bags

– 35l

– reversible strap

– each bag make with \ a different color… ( black, red, olive – with an orange stripe, ACCU digital camo )

They are supposed to be ready and the end of next week, I will post some pictures a soon as possible…. The black and red will be on deposit at Bikurious and the tow others will be for sale if somebody is interested or I will keep them for prices for a future Alleycat.

And if you don’t know what is the ACCU digital pattern here is a sample :

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