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One of my good friend took the last free spot in the queue before the end of my activity in Montreal to have his own personalized bag…

And he asked for the simplest personalization I have ever done… So simple that I think it’s not allowed to call it a “custom” bag….


Devil Logo.



Julio’s bag


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lockLock holster.

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This is the first prototype of the new backpack with a roll top.

This bag is a waterproof backpack with an initial capacity of 30L. The bag can be used closed or open. When it’s open its capacity is 50l.


  • 5 flat pockets one the sides ( one with zipper ) to carry lock, tools, pump and all your preferred stuff.
  • One big transparent window allowing you to locate quickly what you are looking for or to show advertisements for you company or flyers for your future alleycat or bike polo tournament.
  • Two extra long 1” straps to maintain the top of the bag closed. Those straps are long enough to be secure on the buckles even when the bag is fully loaded with the top unrolled. They can also be used to carry stuff like boxes on the top of the bag. Depending of the size of the box that you are carrying you can close the bag and maintain the box with the straps in a parallel position for bigger boxes  or you can cross the straps them for smaller boxes. ( I will post something specific about the straps and the bag closure because it’s magic and pictures will be better than a long explanation )
  • Extra layer of cordura to reinforce the bottom of the bag.
  • Padded shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap
  • Lined with clear color fabric for a good visibility inside the bag and a fast access to the content

Dimensions :

With the top rolled : 20″H X 15.5″W X 6″D, Capacity : 37 L

With the top open  : 32″H X 15.5″W X 6″D, Capacity : 50 L

Roll Top

As I said this is a prototype and after few weeks of use I already have some ideas to make it better. I will add some flat pockets inside the transparent panel to have a better organization of small stuff. I will also add Velcro on the top to make the rolling easier.


More picture here

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One month of silence doesn’t mean one month of inactivity.

I passed two weeks without sewing because of an injury to the wrist playing Bike Polo. I discovered that playing Harcourt Bike Polo can be very incompatible with a big waiting queue for a manual worker…


Now things are going better and I can produce again.

Here are two new deliveries of two personalized large backpacks. The queue will gonna die soon !


Aaron large backpack

Specifications here and more pictures here

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