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I will suspend all my activities until next summer for two good reasons :

– A 3 months bike trip in Chile and Argentina ridding the carrtera Austral From Puerto Montt to Ushuaia.  3 Months just taking time for me and giving a lot to my girl friend because this year she saw me sewing a lot and she has passed to many nights alone trying to sleep with the noise of the sewing machine.

– A moving in Europe more precisely in Bilbao, Spain.

I will start again taking orders around May or June.

In order to be ready to start again producing and taking orders in Spain I have just completed few bags that I will use as samples to show people there what I’m able to produce.





Those two bags will be for sale once I will produce others.  I have decided to always have one bag of each model in stock as sample…

If you are now interested into one of those bag you can still contact me and I will manage the queue and them contact the people in may or june… First come first served!


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This is the first prototype of the new backpack with a roll top.

This bag is a waterproof backpack with an initial capacity of 30L. The bag can be used closed or open. When it’s open its capacity is 50l.


  • 5 flat pockets one the sides ( one with zipper ) to carry lock, tools, pump and all your preferred stuff.
  • One big transparent window allowing you to locate quickly what you are looking for or to show advertisements for you company or flyers for your future alleycat or bike polo tournament.
  • Two extra long 1” straps to maintain the top of the bag closed. Those straps are long enough to be secure on the buckles even when the bag is fully loaded with the top unrolled. They can also be used to carry stuff like boxes on the top of the bag. Depending of the size of the box that you are carrying you can close the bag and maintain the box with the straps in a parallel position for bigger boxes  or you can cross the straps them for smaller boxes. ( I will post something specific about the straps and the bag closure because it’s magic and pictures will be better than a long explanation )
  • Extra layer of cordura to reinforce the bottom of the bag.
  • Padded shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap
  • Lined with clear color fabric for a good visibility inside the bag and a fast access to the content

Dimensions :

With the top rolled : 20″H X 15.5″W X 6″D, Capacity : 37 L

With the top open  : 32″H X 15.5″W X 6″D, Capacity : 50 L

Roll Top

As I said this is a prototype and after few weeks of use I already have some ideas to make it better. I will add some flat pockets inside the transparent panel to have a better organization of small stuff. I will also add Velcro on the top to make the rolling easier.


More picture here

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One month of silence doesn’t mean one month of inactivity.

I passed two weeks without sewing because of an injury to the wrist playing Bike Polo. I discovered that playing Harcourt Bike Polo can be very incompatible with a big waiting queue for a manual worker…


Now things are going better and I can produce again.

Here are two new deliveries of two personalized large backpacks. The queue will gonna die soon !


Aaron large backpack

Specifications here and more pictures here

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As you can figure regarding the ratio of the publications on this blog the no name “backpack” is the success of Jabali Bags… I definitively think that I must find a kind of real name for this bag…

So this is just another one; Stephan’s one!

I the past I have made a small one using the same colors and it’s seems to be very popular. The next time I will order Cordura I will consider to buy more of this beautiful “wine” fabric…


On the news side I’m currently working on 4 big messenger bags

– 35l

– reversible strap

– each bag make with \ a different color… ( black, red, olive – with an orange stripe, ACCU digital camo )

They are supposed to be ready and the end of next week, I will post some pictures a soon as possible…. The black and red will be on deposit at Bikurious and the tow others will be for sale if somebody is interested or I will keep them for prices for a future Alleycat.

And if you don’t know what is the ACCU digital pattern here is a sample :

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Large waterproof Backpack, Same construction and specifications than usual, same size: 27 L,  but this time in black, with just a little band of grey and green with a band of wheat. Those bag are lined with red coated polyester.



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A large backpack made for Nick, with his choice of colors ( just to insist on the fact that I’m not a maniac of orange ) and an additional inside pocket to separate the lock from the bag’s content…

nick backpack

This new bag confirm that the backpack in its large version is the most popular bag in my current offer.

Same construction and specifications than usual, same size, same capacity : 27 L.

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Large waterproof Backpack, Same construction and specifications than usual, same size: 27 L,  but this time in black, with just a little band of yellow. This bag is lined with red coated polyester.



More pictures here

This bag is the first one that I put at Bikurious. Last week I was there to buy some tires to play Polo and Marissa asked me to bring some bags to put on her shop and I gave her some pouches and this backpack.

pouchesFor sale at Bikurious ( 45$ )

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