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I took this picture from here. Bikurious is a nice bike shop in Montreal and this year they propose their own calendar… “Le Calendrier des mécanos”. ( the bike mecanics calender ).

This calendar is used to fund helping continue the growth of and inspire the birth of bicycle co-ops all over the city of Montreal.

The essential bike equipment : a bike, a cap, a map and a Jabali Bags randonneur !


Photo from a friend Jerome Abramovitch


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Few weeks ago I started talking about “randonneur” bags and now I’m pleased to announce that they are done and delivered.

The first round of randonneurs went well… After a prototype phase I was quite confident about the final result but some doubts were persistent until the final completion. But now doubtless I know that I will make others!


Specifications :

–  One large 3D pocket on the front

–  2 small 3D pockets on the back

–  2 outside flat pockets on the sides

– 2 inside flat pockets

– Clear Vinyl Window one the top

– 1 Pocket under the bag  to insert a rigid  bottom to be used with a front rack.

– Stabilization straps under the bag to secure it on a front rack

– A floating  waterproof layer inside

– 2 1″ D-Ring to attach the bag to the handlebar or to use an optional shoulder strap.


Dimensions :

Dimensions :  8″H X 10″W X 6″D

Capacity       :   7.2 L

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I will start making “Randonneur” bags in few weeks…

2 are already in the pipe of commands so if you want one it’s the perfect time, Perfect time for you and perfect time for me because a mini “Bulk” production will be easier for me and cheaper for you.

This is an example of a Randonneur bag.

Those bags will have :

–  One large 3D pocket on the front

–  2 small 3D pockets on the back

–  2 flat pockets on the sides

– Clear Vinyl Window one the top

– 1 Rigid bottom to be used with a front rack.

– A floating  waterproof layer inside

You will have the freedom to :

– Choose the size of the bag

– Choose the colors ( pockets, flaps, body… )

– Provide a “Decaleur” to fix the bag to the handlebar;  ( if not the bag will be made with straps and stabilization cords on the sides )

The final price will depend on what you want and what you choose and we’ll discuss about everything if you are interested.

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