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“Fully international” order… Ordered from Canada, made in Spain and shipped to France…

Messenger 24 litres.

Custom specifications :

  • Flap: Appliqué work to add the  “Lau Buru”  ( basque symbol )
  • Body: Integrated lock holder under the external flat pocket

lau buru

Options and prices :

  • The base price for a 24L is : 115 euros
  • The lock holder hidden under the external pocket is a standard option available for all messenger bags for : 15 euros
  • As example this appliqée work has been charged : 20 euros
  • Two D-Rings in the main compartiment to hold keys or other things : 4 euros



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Another special order for a birthday. Messenger 24 litres same specifications than usual  but this time full of red dots… dots  Options and prices :

  • The base price for a 24L is : 115 euros
  • The custom fabrics, ordered specially has been charged as an extra

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After the 34 Litres and the 14 we are happy to introduce you the middle range : 24 Litres.

Soon we will try to add more pics of the 3 sizes together in order to let you appreciate the diferences between the sizes.  It won´t be simple because we will have to have three diferents orders at the same time but we´ll try…


Base prices :

Small  (14L) : 95 euros
Medium  (24L) : 115 euros
Large (34L) : 135 euros

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In the last post I was saying that here the Roll Top Backpack is well apreciated…

It still true!

This one differs from the previous ones by the addition of two extra small pockets and an internal compartment to carry a laptop…

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I don’t know if its because Basque Country is, or its supposed to be, a rainy place but here lot of people are interested in the roll top backpack for its really waterproof closure.

We are still producing the V2 version based on the first prototype only with some little improvements like a wider Velcro to close the clear window pocket, a new foam for the straps and the waist belt…

In this case our customer was a commuter with a big desire of being visible, it explains the choice of the orange for the whole bag and the long reflective tape…

Roll Top V2

The standard version comes with :

  • Padded back
  • 1 huge clear window pocket, including 3 smaller pockets
  • 5 outside pockets on the sides ( including 1with zipper on the left )
  • Choice of colours
  • The roll top is secure with two long straps ( around 30″ ) allowing you to secure it even if the top is unrolled.
  • A light loop on the bottom
Roll Top V2

The base price :

140 Euros.

Regular options list :

  • Inside separator : 5 Euros
  • Second pocket with zipper on the right side : 8 Euros
  • Padded waist belt : 20 Euros
  • Padded laptop sleeve : from 15 to 25 Euros depending of the size
Roll Top V2

And of course you can still have a customized version!

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After almost a year off we are happy to say that Jabali Bags in now open…

Small Messenger

New Country ( we are now located in a sunny place : Spain ) , new setup but same philosophy.

We are now taking orders for randonneur bags, messenger bags, backpacks, roll tops and also for all kind of spacial work. All little items like pouches, frame pad, lock holster will be available online soon.

Currently our products can be found Hiri Zikloak.

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I will suspend all my activities until next summer for two good reasons :

– A 3 months bike trip in Chile and Argentina ridding the carrtera Austral From Puerto Montt to Ushuaia.  3 Months just taking time for me and giving a lot to my girl friend because this year she saw me sewing a lot and she has passed to many nights alone trying to sleep with the noise of the sewing machine.

– A moving in Europe more precisely in Bilbao, Spain.

I will start again taking orders around May or June.

In order to be ready to start again producing and taking orders in Spain I have just completed few bags that I will use as samples to show people there what I’m able to produce.





Those two bags will be for sale once I will produce others.  I have decided to always have one bag of each model in stock as sample…

If you are now interested into one of those bag you can still contact me and I will manage the queue and them contact the people in may or june… First come first served!

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